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Friday, December 14, 2007

Rose in the wind
Can I take you back there?
Drifting on the warm air
Say you'll follow anywhere
All of our nights into the jade skies
I'll be true to you
Flying over the moon
Lying in the bamboo
I'll always know the light in the window


Anggun is amazing. That song again.
Human reaction to loss really is slow.
I'm holding in my thoughts and perhaps momentary feelings in so much that most of the times the yearning fades.

Blocking it out. Blocking it out. Blocking him out of my fragile chamber.
With these hands above my head, the hands once trying to catch elusive raindrops, i spread my once tightly held fingers open and let those precious drops fall where they wish.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More than a year on since my last post. So much has changed and so much this life has taught me. However, i understand that one can't pride themselves on what knowledge has been acquired as so much more is to be learnt, then again that chance may not come. This is said without sadness, only acceptance because i want to make the most of what time is spent with those i care for, including myself.

Days are good and hard. Nights comforting, sometimes lonely but there's too many things i feel thankful for such as the roof over my head, the love of my family and my crazy (but oh-so disciplined now) brother (yeah Ken, i'll give you that at least) ;).

Not so sure where i'll end up in a few months, KL, elsewhere or even just in myself. I struggled with change for so long but it seems that i'm coming to terms with this aspect of life.
Crazy crazy sometimes i feel and stable like a rock at other times.

Vixie, Fi and myself have grown so close, its great that family doesn't have to mean blood. Learnt that i am allowed to pride myself on being a loyal friend, funny, i always thought i'd think of my own ass first in past friendships. It's nice being more chilled, shouting less and loving ur girls as well as ur own soul.

My mum's art is going on and she's doing well, her health's not too good but i know she copes and still laughs with papa, right mami? Especially cos she has us sayangs to talk to her! Can't wait for u and papa to come down.
My daddy's doing ok too, hope he finds the relaxation and productivity he longs for. Always tried to teach me patience, a great father in the best way he knows how. I know Ken and I both want the best for him so that he can find himself.

Listening to a great song on Sunshine's PC, bloody nice if only i could share the name of it with u guys, some Spanish song that has a part where she says 'poco-poco' so thats what i say to Sunshine everytime i want him to play it - THE 'POCO-POCO' SONG, PLAY IT!!!!' in return for these demands, he's allowed to call me Bozo the clown. Hehehe crazy old dude, sorry Sunny, love ya (and ur still 21 in all the girls eyes)!

Meh. If you guys, Ansgar n Ryan still read this i got a job in the air n water purifier business, the glamour, the fame, the door-to-door sales and "no we don't need ur water purifier" hahahh, honest job lah, vaat to do. Hope that u dudes are doing well too, Ken with his dead bodies, Ansgar and the radio uni life and our dear Americanised Ryan, we must do the tuscany-amsterdam thing though i think u arseholes are gonna bypass tuscany huh? :D Should do some time in KL n Sing too, go to hooters and beach club again.

Anyvays, i am off now, happy days to everybody, take care and bye-dee-bye! Maybe i'll post soon, maybe in a long time, who knows.

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Internet cafe in Chinatown

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow dude, I'm currently posting from a Chinese internet cafe due to my slow-ass internet connection at home. Anyways you won't believe the mixture of music, game-effects and Chinese dialects in this place, I feel all purple-green and pink techno right now...maybe I'll pop an E and shake my head ala Feng Tao style :)

Hehehh, anyways my tonsillitis is getting better, got some numbing strepsils in a blackcurrant flavour - oh yum, I can't feel a thing in my mouth.

Oh and guys check out my mum's Art Gallery for some Asian art. What I love about her art is the passion, tradition and spiceness (is that a word?) I feel her pieces emit.
What's so special about her paintings and mixed media? Well I've watched this woman prepare the most delicious Asian food since I was a child, her hands and food were meant to work together. Other than this, she has an extensive knowledge of various Asian cultures; for example Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian to name a few. She also possesses a special wisdom found very rarely in this world, add to this her vibrancy, her personality is interwined with her pieces.
She has had her first exhibition and some media coverage, for a woman in her first year of delving seriously into her art, I think this a great start.

Above is a glance of her gallery, enjoy.

Ok my hour's almost up, catch you mofos later,
love, Yumi.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Water Baby'

'Own the World' - Yumi

'Eye of the Beholder' - Nisha

Hey there...hmmmm, life is pretty good.

It's 6 a.m so I ain't gonna write much but check out my photography when you guys get the chance.

Above are some of my works, gimme a break though aye, I ain't got a Nikon D70 or anything :)

As a side note, thank you VERY VERY much Ansgar for sending me the Nu-Jazz C.D online, thanks babes and I'm sorry I haven't had the time to e-mail you and thank you. I really am a shitty long-distance friend sometimes, I know how to solve that, come back for a holiday!! I'll give you all the chilli and fried rice you want! :P

Anyways gonna nap now, take it easy dudes and dudettes.

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Vote for Mofo!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yay! I got the cutest little furball (courtesy of my friends over at Fionaism Inc.) and we've decided to call him Mofo! Heheh

Go Mofo...
Go Mofo ...
Uh Uh it's your birthday...


*He's a kitten*

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh joy! Yumi ain't a dirty lil'secret anymore. Of course she pretended to be nonchalant but was bursting like fireworks inside.
Problem is, she seems to be mucking it up for herself *sigh* seems like many of us are doin that these days aye?

No more sulking over occasional no booty, aaargh, keep forgetting that as the girl, ideology has it that one has to be contented over hugs & kisses and relieved when given headache leave.

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All The World's a Stage.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Big world, different personalities.

There's that girl you know, she walks with her head high, a ball of confidence. Her inner sensitivity pleasantly surprises u when u think she's left u for dead. You don't know how to describe her - she's loud, sad, beautiful and moody. Her bite is just as bad as her bark...Then she'll hold ur hair and soothe you while you puke your guts out.

There's the diplomatic yet crazy guy you know. He's so funny your sides ache when you laugh with him but can he be oh so snappy. That nice and gentle soul who's eyes show hurt when u claim you hate him, the one who will protect you to the death if he thinks you deserve it, or if he's unfortunately (for him) related to you. He's the one that, to the traditional, makes drastic mistakes. The dude that is once burnt and twice shy, the devil who cares.

There's the woman you know, the softest, nicest entity ever. You worry for her, you wonder how high she can go and if the landing will be hard and cruel. Her happiness is so joyful that you can never bring yourself to burst her bubble - she flits like a butterfly from one place to another, you lose your breath trying to catch up.

There are those crazy ones you know. The ones that enter your life, dry you up of so much, then they leave. They reappear randomly, be it a phone call, a sighting on the street and you find yourself forever wondering if they're sorry, if they know what they're actually capable of. Some find themselves, end up successful and even moral and some never change.

There's that dainty one, the one who would offer you a cup of tea. The one who smiles but never gives anything away. She floats on air, so pretty yet so untouchable, she 'knows' everything about you and you honestly have no hardcore clue about her, she's so lacey but can hurt you like cold steel. She's the one who will make it through life, with the help of others or on her own, the only real thing on display is her fire for her perfect place, and the fact that she would stand up to and easily dismiss men twice her size.

There's the group of young men, still reliving their boyhood. The ones that find strength in numbers...interrogate them one by one and watch them fall apart. The strongest ones, ironically are afraid, resentful of and controlled by the weaker, nastier ones. You avoid them, feel sad as you are around them, you get annoyed and frustrated at the foolishness that is around you. You hope, for their sake, that their process of turning into men will be swift instead of painfully slow.

The poetic girl who lives in her imperfect bubble but makes do. Her cats watch you like little actors playing their part in her directed movie. You can't help but know her pain and you feel warm when she's happy, you can see how hard life is as you relate. The younger one cooks and they crack goofy jokes to make the most of what is offered them, diamonds in the rough is what comes to mind. She's the one who walks this life without letting anything go unnoticed, a little woman, who paradoxically, is afraid of police harassment yet will sneak into a club cos she really wants to go in.

Then there's the one that really feels for people. She's a medic at helping others, beautiful inside out but this life is fulla arseholes. She's amazing, says the most incredible one-liners ever created and makes the most intelligent jokes that stupid people go "wha..?" at. She's the one you can dicuss Salman Rushdie and Garfield with, who will be so harsh cos she cares, she listens, enjoys the company of everyone...well almost.

Well there you go, my incredibly mushy post dedicated to many whom I love. Nothin bout my main baby but lets not get that mushy. ;)

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Meh F***

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ok, so that was a crappy post after how many months. I'm sitting in a cyber cafe right now...watching this Chinese man clean *clean clean Chinese man, or nobody can play counter-strike* checked google, friendster, deviantart, I go to the same places online even, the boring cycle of having everything ready at ur hands and feeling lazy living in a tiny freakin' city with nothing to do. So...what to do? Eat, sleep, eat some more, go out, shop, dance - achieving nothing but memories in this place.

Oh how soothing the sound of PC games and Chinese pop songs are. As well as the sound of my internet cafe mate telling me he needs to pee, cool day.

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Rose-tinted glasses come off! Too much of a good thing can make you blind.

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Me, myself and Yumi.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm bored and have nothing of merit to write, so I found out bout this 'Googlism' thingie from Farrah's website, you type in your name and they tell you what google thinks of you hahah. Here's an extract of what they say bout me.


yumi is in your car
yumi is maintained and it is shot properly it will serve you well
yumi is a very good artist for her age
yumi is a young girl who's not too good with schoolwork
yumi is announced as the final member of the space knights
yumi is susceptible to extremes of climate and use
yumi is also difficult
yumi is chastised by natasha for not having fixed a communication pack
yumi is able to divert the beam from natasha
yumi is a short girl who looks no more than 15 years old
yumi is the heroine of the loophole saga
yumi is the type that guys like
yumi is truly a chip off the old block
yumi is absolutely huge and defined; best body parts are her calves and upper body; the video cd is better quality than vhs tape (hahahahahahhahahahahha)
yumi is a natural double recurve bow with the arrow nocked one third of the way from the bottom
yumi is the proud owner of a #1 barbie
yumi is well presented
yumi is rash and immature
yumi is having a designer's block right now
yumi is not just a pretty face
yumi is shocked
yumi is the person who has to prove to the others that she is worthy of the job even though she's quite clumsy
yumi is what miyu transforms into with the power of her jewels (hahah that's funny cos Kenji says I turn into bad Miyu when I drive!)
yumi is a human

Blar blar blar, goodnight folks!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My mum sent me this e-mail, she's wierd but this is wierder *urgh*

Cannibal goes on charm offensive
David Crossland, Berlin

A SELF-CONFESSED cannibal who killed and ate a man he met on the internet has said he deeply regrets his crime and would not have done it if his victim had not wanted to be eaten.
Armin Meiwes, 44, speaking in a Frankfurt prison in his first interview since he was jailed for 8 1/2 years in January 2004 for manslaughter, appeared calm and contrite. The prosecution has appealed against his conviction and he is due to go on trial again this week for murder.

"I understand and regret deeply what I did, but the victim wanted me to do it," insisted Meiwes, a former soldier and computer repair man. "Otherwise I would never have touched him."

Apparently unwilling to prejudice his own retrial, Meiwes declined to reveal whether he would carry out a similar act again. He said he would have preferred it if his victim, Bernd Jurgen Brandes, 43, a homosexual computer engineer, had killed himself.
But Gunter Stampf, a German film maker who conducted the interview, said Meiwes had admitted he still had fantasies about cannibalism and was struggling to contain them.

"He built up a fantasy world on the internet and then it suddenly became real," said Stampf, who has visited Meiwes in jail on several occasions. "He is fighting against those fantasies and wants therapy. He wants to start a normal life afterwards."

German police estimate there are 8,000-10,000 people in their country who fantasise about eating a person or being eaten and are attracted to websites devoted to the practice.

Meiwes took Brandes to the specially constructed killing room of his rambling timbered farmhouse in Rotenburg, in western Germany, in 2001 after Brandes posted a message in the chatroom of one such site.
He insists his victim consented to the gruesome chain of events that began with both men trying to eat Brandes's penis — first raw and then fried — and ended with Meiwes laying out the corpse on a butcher's bench and chopping it into pieces.

Meiwes, who recorded the deed on videotape, ate 44lb of his victim's remains in the following months, defrosting pieces portion by portion. He kept the skull in a freezer and buried other parts in his garden.

Even as he ate his way through Brandes, barbecuing some parts and following gourmet recipes for others, Meiwes continued to advertise for other victims. It was not until December 2002, after he was reported to the police by an Austrian student, that he was arrested.

"I am preparing intensively for my trial," said Meiwes, who has become a keen churchgoer and believes the spirit of the dead man lives on through him. "I have my files, which are copious, and I'm reading them. I have three good lawyers and I am calm, relaxed and very confident."

After his trial brought him worldwide attention, Meiwes rejected substantial offers from film companies and publishers, instead assigning the global rights to his story to Stampf's Hamburg-based company, Stampfwerk, for no charge on condition it gave a full and accurate account of his case. "I want to explain what made me do this and I want to warn other people," he told Stampf.

Meiwes, who works in the prison library, is writing a diary that will form part of his memoirs, due to be published this autumn. Stampf’s company is also working on a documentary. He said the BBC and HBO, the American cable television channel, had expressed interest.

But Meiwes said he was unhappy about an American-made film - Butterfly, a Grimm Love Story - which he claims is so closely based on his case that it may prejudice his trial.

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2005 Sucked, But the End Was Cool.

My cutie-pie cousins, Natasha and Nadya, it's a damn shame you guys can't see their faces. Natasha is an intelligent kid, she can speak english, malay and chinese and she's only 8! This pic is just like them though, they can't sit still, just like energizer bunnies. Posted by Picasa

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Poppy! My mum's friend, such a fun, bubbly lady and her boyfriend Roland has such a gruff Scandinavian voice. Great ppl, and i think she's laughin at everyone goin thru the metal detector, KL tower and their high security - they were suspicious of my eyelash curlers... Posted by Picasa

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Man my mum's hot! Auntie Nora, mummy and Poppy are checkin out the Indian Santa hahahah...Indian Santa?! Posted by Picasa

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I love this photo, thats us almost everday - like crazy morons on speed hahah, splat! Posted by Picasa

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I'm gonna kill you with my sunglasses Posted by Picasa

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Christmas Eve '05, With Kenji, mummy, her husband Marc and friends. Btw, see the old dude with the santa hat on my left? He is the coolest man you will ever meet, what a life he's had, couldn't stop talkin to him for hours! Posted by Picasa

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Fiona having a moment and Nisha with the firecrackin' Silla close by, she'll bite! New Year's eve. Posted by Picasa

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Happy New Year! Nishasha and Yumpie. Posted by Picasa

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Merry Christmas 2005 from the greedy f*ckas Kenji and Yumi! Posted by Picasa

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Booyakasha! Miss you Bianca! Urgh, Fiona and Shoba and Yumi's smelly faces are still around. Posted by Picasa

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