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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Quite an uneventful day so far, woke up at 11 cos some friends of mine stayed over last night, they had to go this morning so i walked them to the door. Lydia's goin back to Sabah and she isn't sure if she plans to come back to KL to study so that's kind of a downer *pause for phone call* HAHA! she just called me from the airport, the girl is drunk hahaha, when will it ever end?
Now i'm just bumming around and waiting for my best friend Farrah to come over...she said 8 so i'll be expecting her around half past 8. Dum dee dum dee dum...The picture's of us in my room. *pause for another phone call* my brother's really sexy ass friend, he wants to buy my saxophone so he's comin over. Quite hungry so i'm gonna go eat now (and no, my brother's friend is not my dinner). Posted by Hello

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The Days

Monday, June 21, 2004

Was talkin to Lydia, a friend of mine last night. The usual; what happened on the weekend, the "i'm sorry i was drunk" excuse we gave each other abt friday night when everyone was talkin gibberish and argued with each other. We talked some more abt college, uni, friends...then the conversation turned to the topic of shit. Dunno how it happened but soon enough we were going over experiences we had as kids with shit. God, you just know you're life is lacking adventure when you start discussing shit.

Before all this though, an old friend of ours turned up at my place. Dhanny's a great guy, he's 17, funny, crazy and whatever. Problem is, he just won't shut up; haha he used to have a problem with touching people and holding on to their shoulders, arms and necks until the point where guys would get annoyed but thankfully that phase seems to have passed him. anyway yeah, he came over, as usual he brought along some people i didn't know and yeah they were "freestyling", didn't bother to really listen but at one point i heard Lydia shout "you call that rapping??!".
Anyways, i gots to go now, gotta go dip my head in the toilet bowl.

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Bangsar, Saturday night

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Went out last night to...Bangsar. Where did i go on friday? Bangsar. Wednesday and monday? Bangsar. Shyte, this is getting to be too much, i'm like an addict looking for satisfaction from a hit then once i get it, i ain't satisfied, in fact, i'm downright disappointed. It was o--k i guess, met my friend Arthi and her little dutch friend Ray (the most adorable fucker on earth)and well, we tried to have fun. They were great, i mean it's hard to find people more game than Arthi, that's for sure, we could have a party in an alleyway and she'd still manage to get everyone dancing. The thing was though, we go into one club (such as G-Spot) and Arthi's like "welcome to India!" to Ray...We go into Barflam's later on and i'm like "welcome to China!". There wasn't much of a mixed crowd anywhere, we live in a multicultural society and yet all the Indian macha's were staring at Ray with suspicion cos Arthi's Indian and he's white. BANGSAR, supposed elite neighbourhood and hot nightspot...who wants to be segregated when you go out?
On a lighter note, it was fun in "chinatown" i.e Barflam's cos of all the drunk Chinese men and their bottles, when they're drunk they loooove to laugh and dance...and buy you drinks heheh and well, it would be rude to refuse a drink right? And i gotta comment on Arthi's special ability to spot the cute guys before everybody else, i mean damn, we walk in and BAM, she's already seen the guy she wants, it's cool though cos most of the time she's more interested in the women.

Note to self: Must not go to Bangsar for more than a week.

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That's beach club, some club here in KL that caters to old white men and prostitutes. Going in there on a friday night means being packed in like sardines, sauna-like conditions and probably having your arse groped by some mofo that'll pretend he doesn't know why you're pinching or slapping him. Yet people love this club, i'll admit i've been there and had some fun too, who're we kidding anyway? It's the easiest place to act like an idiot and get away with it cos people are probably too busy watchin the young foreign guy at the bar gettin it off with a transsexual, and all this while he thinks that he's making out with the hottest chick ever. Posted by Hello

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This is my life at the moment. Drinking. Sleeping. Smoking. More sleeping. Posted by Hello

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