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Monday, September 20, 2004

Not a bad day at all, woke up around two after a *wild* night with my pregnant friend Bav heheh, nah well maybe it was a bit wild for her. Was with Aarti, Diana, Bav and some others at La Bodega lounge and had my fill of sangria, we were all just chilling and before we knew it, we ended up keepin the very pregnant Bavita out until 4 a.m, doin nothing in particular but hey she didn't drink and we never smoked around her. Going to the airport tomorrow to fetch my mum, hopefully she's brought back loads of german chocolate, in return for sleeping in my room for the next month or so...urgh, wish me luck.

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I love sundays

Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's just one of those days that are sooooo relaxed and beautiful, think i'm gonna go swimming after lunch.

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So yesterday...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

After a fuckin horrible day, there i was, lacking sleep and waiting for Faz at sunway pyramid (some mall) yesterday cos she wanted to pierce her nose, when she calls to ask me where i am...
"Yums where are you?"
"I'm sittin by Miss selfridge at the water fountain, you know you go in bla bla bla uh you know bla bla bla"
"Can you come outside by Penang Street because bla bla *muffled* bla bla"
"What? What? Can't hear you, just come in, it's by the bla bla *and i go on and on*"
"No no man, you don't understand, MY TIRE POPPED!!!! Just come out here!"
"Fuck *angry voice inside my head screamin faaaaaaark, it just doesn't get better than this*"

So i go out and the poor girl is just starin at the pathetic lookin tire. We finally got some help from these two guys we know; Suraj and Sanji, and it just struck me that they didn't have to be there, they chose to because they wanted to help. It was just one of those things that puts your faith back into the human race. Ya ya i know what your thinkin "they just changed a bloody tire, how fuckin long does that take?" but well, its the little things that count man, plus all the tools had been removed from Faz's car so we had to go find some and four of us were there for about two hours.

We finally got home and all, went out to bangsar and this stupid ass friend of mine who seems to enjoy being beaten around decides to come out with us, i'll just call her LJ. She was havin some issues and her parents took her out of KL because of her abusive ex-boyfriend, plus she fucked it all up for herself by not going to uni and well her family just wants her to stay the fuck away from this dude. We're walking along and she's all...

"I hope i don't see him, Yumi what are we going to do if we see him?"
"We walk away man, it's as simple as that, you tell him to leave you the fuck alone"

We walk along, and guess who we see? surprise, surprise, LJ's ex-boyfriend's havin his dinner at burger king's *how classy*, i push her aside and the skinny motherfucker starts striding towards us with his ugly face that slightly resembles a lizard.

"Get the fuck away from her, go AWAY"
"I'm not talkin to you, i'm talkin to my girl"
"She doesn't want to talk to you, her family doesn't want you anywhere near her"
"Am i talkin to you? Fuck off *he turns to the backboneless idiot* Baby, what are you doing with her? She's not good for you bla bla bla"
*She just looks down, doesn't say a fuckin word*
*i call her sister and she tells me to get her away from him*
*i try and i try, she doesn't make any effort, i get called a slut, she wants to have a word with him alone, can you believe this girl??*

It was so upsetting seeing my friend like that, feeling overprotective, angry and even doubting her slightly so finally Faz and i just had enough, i called LJ's sister to take her away from him herself and we left LJ to her own devices.

The night was alright afterwards but then more shit happened. Somethin happened with some dude i kinda fancied and that just wrapped it all up. Whatever it was, it just set me off and it caused all these angry questions that i've been holding back to go through my head. I was feeling alone, angry and bitter about how life always bites you in the ass. So i let off steam by screaming back at motherfuckers in their cars who were going...

"hey sexy girl, hello, helloooo"
"Fuck you! You think your hello's gonna help me? Take your fuckin hello and shove it up your ass, i am not just a sexy girl!! Now fuck OFF"

Heheheh. What a bad day. Maybe today will be better. :)

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Finished, someone shoot me.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Assignments suck. The work I just finished pretty much sucks. It's not finger-painting anymore!!! Why can't we read short stories in class and have nap times anymore?

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Stupid, totally unrelated photos

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My brother after a flaming lambourghini. It was his birthday and my friend Diana bought him a crazy amount of drinks, the poor boy was puking all over himself. Had to go home and poor Kiran had to pretty much babysit him. Posted by Hello

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Drunk and dancing in my room. Terri's in purple and i'm doin the silat behind her.  Posted by Hello

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Some old friends of mine, (from left) Emma, E.J and Dido at Beach club. We've all gone our separate ways - Emma's gotten married and lives in Norway, E.J's disappeared and Dido's kinda gone crazy haha but she's still a darling (most of the times). It was a time of decadence and debauchery and well, we all go through a period like that aye? You live and learn. Posted by Hello

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My friends Stephanie and Stacey foolin around. Funny fuckers used to do shit like this all the time, we don't really keep in touch anymore though which is pretty fucked up but oh well. Posted by Hello

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In Germany ages ago havin lunch with tante, my instant grand-aunt, she's such a sweetheart and she reminds me of my grandma in Japan cos they're both so small and wear their glasses the same way. I was starvin and annoyed that I couldn't read the menu which explains my sour face. Posted by Hello

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My group of thugs, trust me, they can be mean. My cousins (clockwise from top) Aifeel, Anastashia, Miqhail and Ezekiel can kick your ass anyday. Posted by Hello

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Love this pic of the dragon fruits, Faz took it at the pasar malam in Bangsar. Posted by Hello

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Fazzie and me, had to put this up in honour of our fuckin cool friendship. Have never met anyone quite like this missy over here and if she does go to England i'm gonna be so goddamn lost. Who will play monopoly with me? Who will go up to cute bartenders for me? Who will laugh at the stupidest things with me? Who will make fun of my brother's overly-dramatic way of seeing life with me? Damn it. Posted by Hello

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