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Monday, October 25, 2004

Here's some more random pics and a little bit at the bottom about my day. This pic is a view of part of my room from my bed. Let's not talk about the girl watching TV because, no, she's not a permanent fixture heheh. Posted by Hello

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Kenji's nails; i painted a top coat over them. Hahah i love how my brother's into his nails, it's one of his many strange obssessions, he's stolen my buffer from me a multitude of times. Posted by Hello

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Kenji (my brother) getting into the swing of things. The boy's coloured his hair an amazing amount of times that i'm surprised his hair hasn't fallen out. Posted by Hello

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Me with foils on my hair; home highlighting saves a fuckload of money! Posted by Hello

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Hahahh this is what my brother's done to our old school teddy bear. What wonderful memories this abused, armless teddy bear brings back of Chatsworth International School. Posted by Hello

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That's me with the solarized effect, i look like a sight for sore eyes but it's supposed to be interesting not flattering :) Posted by Hello

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That's my dead plant, oh the shame. Such a disgrace to gardening. Posted by Hello

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This is a still life composition. solarized effect and not much, but well i try. Posted by Hello

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I used the solarized effect for this pic, nothin interesting - it's bags of sweetener, sugar and brown sugar but hey, it looks good don't it? Posted by Hello

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Hey! Heeheh, just came back from a date and it went pretty well. The dude seems a bit goody-goody but he's sweet; from what i've seen so far, he's a pretty balanced guy. We'll just have to see if this leads to anything :). Fiona was there too, along with her sis and this funny guy named Raiden or somethin, dunno cos they kept referring to him as "the retard" hahah so yeah, maybe it was because he kept building pyramids outta coasters, apparently the boy doesn't own a TV so maybe that's what he does in his free time. The guy i met? Well i'll just refer to him as "the dude", the dude brought a friend along, can't remember his name but he was a bit of a character. The guy's from Algeria but he looks a right German white boy, blond hair, huge frame, deep scary voice and all. It was funny cos he doesn't speak much english so he'd say short phrases in his scary voice like "i build pyramid also", "ohohoho i speak little malay also" and "aah pretty girl, cantik".

Other than that, i've been lazing around and recuperating from a hangover, went out last night to this salsa club called Qba and drank too much white wine. Got an exam on tuesday so that's nerve wracking AAAAAAH! I also have this annoyingly long (2000 words to be exact) assignment for journalism to complete by friday :(. Wish me luck and this is a pic i took of my chinese roses! Posted by Hello

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Ode to Nightlife

Friday, October 08, 2004

Here's a poem I penned in another lifetime about goin out-

Went out this weekend
Thought it'd never end
Got wasted
When your drunk, life don't seem so jaded
Wanted to get laid
So desperate, would have paid (haha)
Came home, met my boyfriend; Mr.Bong
If he was a guy, i'm pretty sure he'd have a huge schlong
To get to heaven we smoke
Over and over until we choke
Very next morning
Was coughing and puking
Felt so bloody sick
And with mascara everywhere, i was one ugly chick
Forget that i see the same faces all the time
Forget that smoking pot is a crime
Aaah, forget the sickness and pain
Next weekend do it all over again.

Below's an old pic of my brother, Ken, for those that know us, it pretty much sums up what life was all about back then aye?
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Evr-eee-daay Peee-pul!!!!

According to Lau, i look "sexily constipated", WTF? Posted by Hello

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Lau, Shoba's face and Nisha in one of their lectures. Funny, if not bored motherfuckers heheh. Posted by Hello

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Hahahah, a picture i grabbed off Lau's blog; that's Nisha showin me how much she loves me! Yes well, the name's Sakano, Yumi Sakano. Posted by Hello

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I miss Fazzie!!!!!! Wish i could be on holiday in London with her, it'd be so fun, we'd just run amuck! That's Faz in Mezza, laughin bout somethin or other. :) Posted by Hello

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Intolerance follows right after ignorance

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ignorant people should not have any opinions due to the fact that, when these cretins do form opinions, they're usually full of misguided hate, intolerance, stupidity and not to mention grammatical errors. Since when has it been a fashion trend to hate Islam? This world is just full of individuals and people that take different approaches to matters such as religion, politics and life in general, yet dumbasses choose to 'group' people and target ideas that are opposed to theirs.

Yes, many terrorist groups in this world are muslims and yes they hate the west but all this death and destruction isn't what Islam is all about, terrorist groups use Islam as an excuse to cause harm to innocents. Before you fuckin start with all your ramblings about how Islam and muslims are evil i'll challenge you to expose yourself to this part of the world instead of just your neighbourhood first. Malaysia is a muslim country and those that live here will tell you that not all muslims are ak-47 brandishing hooligans. South-East Asia is made up of hundreds of different religions, races and cultures and the majority in this part of the world don't see religion and race as a barrier or as a source of hatred. There are muslims that channel their religion to negative practices such as hate, there are those that pray five times a day (do you realize how much patience, devotion and LOVE that takes?) and there are also those who do not limit themselves from life's pleasures. Even if they don't agree with each other's approach to Islam, muslims of these 3 types do not express hatred towards each other's different opinions or ways of life, neither do most non-muslims i know. It's called tolerance and individuality, and i have to say that, from what i've heard, seen and read; tolerance is really lacking in certain parts of the world these days.

BTW, this isn't meant to offend most people, just a girl expressing her disappointment and disenchantment with the 21st century world. Posted by Hello

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