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Aimless blues

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Man i was feeling so down yesterday, just kept crying and crying for no apparent reason in the afternoon so my mum took me to KLCC and we did some shopping, it was pretty cool cos i haven't been able to hang out with my mum much since she's been here,
*She's gone to the gym, and forgot where she parked her car*
*phone rings, i pick up sniffing*
"sayang, do you hehe, remember where i parked my car? I can't tell, there's so many pink kelisa's"
"u-uu-p the ro-ad, near th-the guardhouse"
"oh haha! there it is, ok byebye...wait, what's wrong?"
"NOTHING! bye"
*phone rings again, i pick up*
"Sayang, do you want to go out? I know you're lonely, i'll wait for you to get ready"
*i act like a baby with her*
"mmmmmm o-k"
*i take half an hour to get ready while she waits, expected her to leave without me*

That's my babelicious mother and her manic-depressive daughter
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