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Swimmin in the tropics! Jealous?

Monday, January 10, 2005

On a hot day, Yumi tries on Farrah's huge sunnies and, well, feels kinda ridiculous (just like people and life, heheh) Posted by Hello

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Saw this happy-face balloon floating sadly in the pool. Posted by Hello

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The two most dangerous women on earth, look out or they'll steal your uhhh, pencils...yeah! Pencils. Posted by Hello

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Tropical weather, swimming pools and balloons floatin on the water...bliss. Posted by Hello

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Ebony and ivory, living together in harmony. My nails look better though hahahah sorry, just jokin Faz! Posted by Hello

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Found those flippers at the poolside, they belonged to this little girl and she didn't look too happy to see my oversized feet in them. Posted by Hello

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Thats the pool at my condo, looks like a lagoon huh? Rather too symmetrical but who gives a shit. Posted by Hello

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Kenji's pissing me off at the mo. Hartamas square has the best food on earth! Posted by Hello

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Hey guys, i'm soooo bored and i've been procrastinating like jello. Posted by Hello

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