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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Westin hotel being constructed in Bukit Bintang. Gettit? The theme of the day is cons..tru..ction. Yep, and with pics taken from a moving car, not bad aye? Anyway, here's some photos from December 2004 to NOW. Posted by Hello

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Faz, Ana and myself. Oh and we had the best honey marinated chicken that day. Posted by Hello

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Part of the Convention centre they're building near the giant penises/ spaceships/ towers/ etc... Posted by Hello

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One of the twin towers, or, to some; a giant metallic penis. Posted by Hello

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How bored i got without the internet. Posted by Hello

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Drinking expensive, watered-down beer at Bar Uno, then takin cheesy pictures.  Posted by Hello

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Fireworks on Christmas eve '04, i was alone and waiting for Nisha, sniff sniff. Fuckin KL in December...traffic jams and no snow. Posted by Hello

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When in doubt...cut-cut-cut!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Been bored as a pidgeon shit-dotted statue. Was high most of the past three weeks and as a result have paranoid tendencies regarding my arabic belly-dancer. Shyte i've just let my blog go to pot (l..i...t..era...lly?). Anyvays, yah my arabic belly-dancer, or Tahahaha as i refer to her, i mean him, is a recent development. He's got the cutest tush i've ever seen, in fact i want to bite it right now, NOW i tell you! But damn is this boy the laziest motherfucker ever, man --- for example guys, you hate it when you call me and i'm always sleepin yeah? Well now you can multiply the lack of energy and frustration (on my part obviously, whats the boy gonna do? Grit his teeth in his sleep?) by 50. You may end up with a large number of camels but then again you can always settle for dates (the fruit, dumbass) at Bateel's.

By the way, amidst all my self-induced confusion, lethargy and boredom there has been a silver lining in the form of Alan's Inspiration Salon. Thats right, i've done what any jaded woman livin in a city would do...i was depressed therefore i chopped it all off! Take a look motherfucker and if ya don't like it then please refrain from hitting the screen.
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