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Thursday, March 31, 2005

This stupid friggin thing just erased everything i wrote here - why, oh why is everythin goin against me (blogwise)?

Ok, so here goes...I was goin on and on about how this country is doin somethin wierd to me, i feel relaxed, and everything as well as everybody in KL is comin into perspective. Had a good, relaxed day today, me mum's friend's sons (Ansgar and Holgar) came over and we all just chilled out cos chillin out is uh, what seems to be
exciting here heheh. Had fun just talkin and all and had a glass of wine, some beer and now more beer.

And bla, bla, bla, i've always believed in the motto "do not do to others what you do not want done unto yourself" but my childish heheh down south (ok i'll stop there) 19 yr old cravings are comin into play.
*I swear i can't help it, my head is goin no no no, everythin else is like "Wahey, yeah, your young and alive!"*
My god it's so frustrating when there is a no man's land between what is right and wrong! >:(

I'm still gonna laugh at the whole situation though, cos i've learnt that it's the best thing to do...so here goes : HAHAHAH

I know u guys back home probably think i've gone mad but yeah well, gettin sick and tired of camels ya know.

Other then that, my phone's not working properly so absolutely no-one apart from the stupid nightclubs can even message me.
*I get a message...picture me very excited*
*open it and wait in anticipation*
Message: "Come to The Ship tonight! Banana eating contest for the ladies! Drink all you can"
*My face falls*
Me: "Bleh"
*Throw phone, trudge off*

I'm gonna sleep now soooo tired, Ellysia: i've gotten u a pressie and you'll get it in a week and a half. Night muthafuckas!

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I'm here...hmmmm

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Temperature outside: 5 degrees celsius.
Time: 2:49 am.
Feeling: Strange.

So i'm here, it's really cool to be doin somethin else other than shopping, swimming or getting pissed off at Taha. I'd mention goin to uni, but hey, you guys know me already aye?
This time round i'm enjoying myself alot more, i won't lie, it's pretty hard to face some personal issues here, but it's still worth it.
Faz and I have actually managed to go walking in the woods a few times but it's pretty hilarious cos we're so obviously city girls when we walk around all dressed up and in awe of the horses that we spot, heheh so we do get some funny looks from the locals.
Anyways, to u guys reading this from KL, i miiiiiishh u all so much that it's crazy! Ellysia - i miss u and ur laugh and ur Azhar and alfredo pasta period (always talkin about u here), Fiona - you'd b so excited to go clubbin somewhere other than zouk aye? and to my hoedeurves - don't be too naughty, diaper bum wants to laugh her ass off with u guys right now! Öh, and i miss my daddy and my Tahahaha every bloody day :(

Lalalala...what else...I'll post one pic and go cos my stepdad's gonna wake up and find me awake anytime now.
Will write more soon!

AAAARGH!!! Stupid, fuckin program won't upload any photos right now, figure this out next time, night night.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hey guys, just at the airport in Singapore and gonna flyyyyy soon heheheh, i'm gonna enjoy this.

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