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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm movin out in a week! Anyways, i was packing and i stumbled across a load of photos taken by my family. Went out today to midvalley, bought some pink slippers and had a craving for burger king, nothin much else so c ya. Posted by Picasa

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Days go by and still I can't forget...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vivid memories fill my head
This now useless skin i want to shed
Look at your false persona and dead eyes
No thanks, i don't want to share your fake blue skies
Keep that sneer and say what you have to say
To me, it is a gift itself that i'm alive everyday
There's so much more in this world to see
Differentiate between who you are and who you wish to be
Nobody's perfect, everyone has flaws
Tell me what yours are and i'll start to believe in you and your greedy paws
I'm still looking for answers and i'm hurt
You feel betrayed yet it was me dealing with your dirt
In life there's always a limit and i've had enough
You need to know that i ain't evil, it wasn't only me who called your bluff.

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The haze is settling on my day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cancer sticks! Buy now, pay in 50 years time. Posted by Picasa

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And what do you see in the mirror every morning? Posted by Picasa

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Shochu (a type of Jap wine) courtesy of my dad; Mr.Sakano. Posted by Picasa

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Shadows from the curtains, i just found this simplistically (is that a word?) interesting. Posted by Picasa

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Random guys i picked off the street, Kenji and his friends, Ryan and Dhruve. Dhruve's um...livin it up in India with his mum at the moment hahah. Posted by Picasa

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A little square of my absolutely borin life. Posted by Picasa

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Dhanny lookin like a mat kampung (haha) and his admirer Adit :). Posted by Picasa

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I wanna try that pill that people take, make you believe all the things that people say...

My horoscope, July 2005: In July, Taurus, Saturn ends a two-and-a-half year cycle during which you may have faced difficulties in interacting with others and struggled with hard decisions about your career and family. You likely tried to save certain relationships, but, in the end, there just wasn’t enough emotional glue to hold you together. Both personal and professional situations you tried to fix may have seemed to continually get stuck in one spot, leaving you feeling thwarted and bogged down mentally.

-Everyone changes, nothing ever stays the same...i feel that when one faces this fact, life can begin all over again. Change, movement and adjustment are all part of this crystal glass we call life, fear of change and being alone have held me back for so long and i'm trying to remedy this trend. I can't look in the mirror and call myself a strong person if i continue to give in for the rest of my life. I am but a clumsy fool at my weakest, arrogant to some on the outside but a misunderstood doormat on the inside. When i give in, i am my biggest enemy, NO is a word i want to, need to and long to use more.
Times like these, my brother is probably my biggest inspiration, that boy may need to learn more in this life but he doesn't take shit from anyone, i've noticed that the times he does give in and allow leeway to people and situations he doesn't believe in, are due to persuasion from me, strange. Since i was a kid i've had the fierce need to be strong but more often than not, my very being feels like its lost amidst all the values and etiquettes of the world. No more of this nonsense, i dont want to pretend and lie to myself anymore, i am now ready to let go of unnecessary worries that i've allowed to plague me for most of my life. Who cares what the world thinks when u know what the people that you love and love you think? Now i see that life is an evolution of the individual and with each change i need to promise myself that i will be stronger.-

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super sluts

Friday, July 01, 2005

hey biatch.

here's a pic i thought u should have...wasn't this your best kiss ever??

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Hey There

Hey woman check out the pic below...that's right...U GAVE ME SHARING CAPABILITIES!!! HEHE!!! Anywayz hope you like this pic. Probably sent it to you last time, but now the whole world can see how mad we are....love you muaks!!

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