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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Cherry Lips" - Garbage

She gave you everything she had,
But she was young and dumb,
She'd just turned twenty-one,
She didn't care to hang around,
So when the shit came down,
Why she was nowhere to be found,
This life can turn a good girl bad,
She was the sweetest thing that you had ever seen
You're such a delicate boy,
In the hysterical realm,
Of an emotional landslide,
In physical terms
With your cherry lips and golden curls,
You could make grown men gasp when you'd go walking past,
In your hot pants and high heels,
They could not believe that such a body was for real,
It seemed like rainbows would appear,
Whenever you came near the clouds would disappear,
Because you looked just like a girl, Your baby blues would flash,
And suddenly a spell was cast,
You're such a delicate boy,
In the hysterical realm,
Of an emotional landslide,
In physical terms
You hold a candle in your heart,
You shine the light on hidden parts,
You make the whole world wanna dance,
You bought yourself a second chance
Go Baby Go Go,
We're right behind you,
Go baby Go Go Yeah we're looking at you,
Go baby Go Go Aw we're right behind you
Go Baby Go Baby Yeah right behind you,
Go baby Go Baby Aw we're right behind you
Go BabyGo BabyYeah we're looking at you,
Go BabyGo Baby Aw we're right behind you,
Go BabyGo Baby Yeah we're looking at you

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Don't mind me as I express my young self.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

These fingers of mine they may be small,
Don't be confused, however, as many a times they have broken my fall.
They can write and draw pages of pain and love,
With the power they yield, i am able to watch the world from above.
Catching the rain and keeping my balance as i dance on the clouds,
Living life to the fullest before i lay in my shroud.
One day these fingers will make something out of me,
Choosing the path to the woman i will eventually be.
These fingers have given, taken and seen so much,
Felt surfaces as rough as stone and those that are smooth to the touch.
I may not be the next Marx or Einstein,
But the simple life suits this girl just fine.
Cos in my journey, these fingers are my guides in the dark,
They determine my reactions...whether i purr, coo or bark.

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My day full of food.

And it all started in KLCC.

Some interesting people we dined with, really nice and wholesome (...ok, me usin that word, strange), one of them works with Aarti, what a small world.

Happy after eating.

Digging in.

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Some random pics i found on the net and just luuurved!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Found this on someone's blog and it's just amazing. Posted by Picasa

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Always wanted to be an astronaut, just for the beauty of deep space. Posted by Picasa

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Without sounding cheesy, ain't that purty? Posted by Picasa

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Flowers are a girl's best friend. Posted by Picasa

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To the complex woman I call home.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

where do all the crazy people go?
a place of delight that we do not know?
the little boy who lowers his eyes
and his tiny heart that slowly dies
one day all questions will be answered
your undying love that never faltered
this life we cherish, yet has no purpose
and the maniacs, the hedonists that turn it into a circus
let go of your fears and turn around
close your eyes so tight but you still hear the sound
no matter what the soul does, life's still a bitch
small hands, bad aim and a terrible itch
i remember a time when there were simpler days
i remember ur healing hands and traditional ways
i am ur protege, i saw ur heart bleed and shout
i promise, one day the old sun will come out
one day the path will be clear
and this darkness it will sear

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Reality check and if only I had a crystal ball.

What's real? Are my eyes open now? After 20 years, i still don't have a clue...what i do know is that i'm stepping on stones. This stupid heart is now made of glass, one crack and i could spiral down again...i really don't want that. So many questions i want to ask, if only this were a movie, then maybe i'd meet some smoking caterpillar that'd tell me all i need to know. Life is supposed to be full of mistakes, but where is the line that jades you? No more, i don't want anymore, what kind of cruel jokes am i in for?? i wish i knew...Once i dreamt of how i'd die, i knew days in advance and i couldn't stop it, no need to say, that was a shitty dream. I hope i know what i'm gettin myself into. Bright days ahead? Or am i still blind?

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Yumi's so busy she doesn't come to college

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Too busy humping??? ha ha sorry babes...just miss ya in college....but it's good to know ur happy with Lebanese boy....did i mention that he's pretty sexy??............well, he is!!!
I'm bored....in the lab....gonna get something to eat soon........


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Hino Rei

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My idol as a kid - Sailor Mars! :)

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Jewel of my eye?

Man, everything seems to be unfolding at a pace i can't keep up with. I should feel elated, happy, free...but this anchor, this leech won't let me go without a fight. Yes i am messed up at the mo, i am at the lowest i've been in a long time, are you (you know who the crap you are) happy now? However, I refuse to sink to your conniving, insecure and plain evil level so fuck the world that i used to think i live in.
And now... On to other things. OoooOOOooh, I've been havin a great week, i wonder why? No jibes from my three hoes yeah, c ya my little piggies.

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