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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Every step i take, the anklet on my right foot tinkles - i use it to remind myself that i am still walking, that i can still dance my way through life.

I find strength in possibilities of what i can achieve in the future. I made my mistakes, nobody was hurt, only myself and i've done quite enough, the foolishness must go and i so want to move forwards instead of back. For once in my life i've started to believe in the saying "when one door closes, another one opens", i've always found it strange myself how i can't let go of the past so easily, my stubborn hand always holds on like its a competition. These days, however, the theme has been sprinkled with takin it easy.

A part of me is grateful that i've been through this particularly nasty year - better now than the future. Still, sometimes i wish that the events we go through can benefit us like armour, if only there was a guarantee that we are only to go through certain situations once or twice and will never have to repeat them again.

It's refreshing to feel that i don't have to answer to anyone, being alone is better than being with the wrong person for you. How nice it is to feel that glow again when appreciation is shown by loved ones and you don't feel that need for him or her to be there and understand you anymore because you have the warmth of the most important ppl already - the ones who will be there no matter what. I was out the other day and grinning like a fool (a large group of women and alcohol = alot of merriment and "oh man you guys are awesome/i love all of you/we're so hot!!").

I've been through my mourning of something that wasn't there in the first place (or in a less negative tone, "should've seen what was there instead of some holy light") and now i'm bouncing back - sure it may not be what some consider the best method (my legs are killing me from the amount of dancing needed by the newly single) but hey, i love life and it's colours and its lands and people and if i am gone tomorrow, i go with the knowledge that i had passion and savoured everything life gave me...including my food man, you should see how slow i eat.

:) Heheh.

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Bored as

Eating home-made green tea ice-cream at 5 something in the morning and checking out anime on the net. Heh, what a life.

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-Simple and Honest-

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I wrote this months ago, it's so childlike and simple but hey "i got ladyfingers baby, i got heart" -

Dark is this light, it used to shine, now it is dim
When it comes to the many facets of you, where do i begin?
My mind is a labyrinth and my heart; a sanctuary
Do i repel u so? You tread on my path so wearily
As a young girl, the raindrops fell in my mouth
Lands floated on clouds, that was my north and my south
I always wanted a playmate with stars in his eyes
He would come with a horse and shield me from the pain and lies
We would be lovers in the light and warriors for our cause
But he always sweeps me off my feet, then he takes a breath and a pause
His eyes fall on me, then the ground
And once again, i'd lose the friend i thought i'd found
Like the raindrops, happiness is elusive
You lose your balance, you fall the moment you give
Maybe if we let ourselves be jaded
And i allow my memories and principles to be faded
Maybe then, i can walk with the world, join in on the 'fun'
I can walk with a fake smile and let my true being come undone
Take my hand, save me from this turbulence in my soul
Take my life and make me feel whole
Let me be the little girl who is inside of me
Another day of sunshine, for a moment let us feel free.

-Ellyana Yumi B.Sakano Posted by Picasa

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My First Day at Photoshop School...Not literally man.

And ta-da! The piece de resistance! Farrah's cool insight, she took all these photos and edited this one whilst i tried my hand at the others below. Posted by Picasa

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Drama is a way of life bebe. Posted by Picasa

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I like this alot! For some strange reason it reminds me of Jesus hahahahahhahah oh wierd thoughts crack me up. Posted by Picasa

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So I am being vain - some interesting shots courtesy of technology. Posted by Picasa

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Life in vivid colour. Posted by Picasa

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experimenting with the stained glass thingamajig. Posted by Picasa

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Fell asleep around 10pm and woke at 12am. Strange. Pretty bored...Seriously, there are 3.5 more months of holiday days for me, must start Japanese lessons soon.
Instead, I'm here havin a ciggie and typing *sigh*, gots to get movin. Posted by Picasa

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Such a stigma when its not even a dirty word.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not getting any? Itchy days got you blue? Or maybe u're just curious if employing the use of a vodka soaked tampon is wise? Well this is where u wanna go.
Oh and btw ladies, let ur vaginas sing! Heheh yep that's right , i am a woman and i can say vagina as many times as i want to without needing u to crinkle up ur nose in disgust - so here it goes... Vagina vagina vagina! Muaahahaha, how liberating.

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Piqued My Curiosity.

Hey dudes, Farrah's been experimenting with photos and here's one she took of my lips - i'm her new muse ! Heheh, anyways will put more up when she's done, gotta say it was bloody fun posing :P Posted by Picasa

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Bah! Run everyone, run!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

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