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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So which one is it? Betty or Veronica? I've always preferred Veronica to tell ya the truth, she's just so much more hotter. Thing is though, i don't get why they're always fighting over Archie, for God's sake girls i'm sure there's more fish in Riverdale - and even though Reggie's always being an arse, he's pretty hot too and maybe his behaviour is linked to his inferiority complex in regards to Archie...hmmm, something to think about.

Was looking at the Jap and American comics today and how they're so different from each other

-When it comes to super heroes, American comics tend to have A superhero featured, whereas in Jap anime there's usually a collective group.

-There's so much of space travel and futuristic themes in anime, in contrast, American comics superheroes tend to be gifted or gain their powers from some natural or toxic source.

-Love Hina is a bit of an Archie, the main character has all these girls fawning over him but he's a bit of a bumbler so he doesn't realise, plus he only has affections for one dudette. Archie, on the other hand likes both, is aware of their affections and can't make up his mind.

-There's also alot of perverse and/or underlying sexuality in anime. American comics also include sexuality (e.g wonderwoman/catwoman's outfits) but it's all very obvious, heheh and ya don't see catwoman falling in love with a much younger man or changing her sexual preference.

Hahahah well i have alotta time to think abt these things, but yeah not one is better than the other - They're just two very diff styles from two diff continents.

Still though, i find that American animation is sometimes really frustrating...Haven't you wished that Veronica would get Archie because she has been cast as the 'evil' out of Betty and Veronica? Or that they would just leave him? And how bout Tom and Jerry? Even as a little kid i sometimes wished Tom would just EAT Jerry! Have to say though, X-Men was such a favourite for me, loved the comics and i remember getting up every saturday at nine eagerly anticipating their theme song

*duh duh da duh duh dunn, duh duh da duh duh dunn, da dun!*

(Well thats how it went in my head)

Alrightie, just my 2 cents and by the way, do ya dig?

P.S I love Jughead man, i mean, who doesn't love Jughead?? All he wants are his burgers, his hat and to be left alone! God bless Jughead and his little crown!

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Shoulders Burdened.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You smile but i see the sadness in your eyes
I know you feel betrayed by the lies and goodbyes.
After looking down, "Time is ticking" you say
Even when i tell you there will be another day.
Smile and keep your chin up girl
You're an amazing person in this crazy world.
Like diamonds, your nature is scarce
Others smile blankly and the kindness is a farce.
Our time on this earth is short and sweet
Look at your strength and how you stand on your own two feet.
I admire, even envy you
I'd love to pursue life the way you do.
Souls like yours are deep like the Pacific
When times are hard, you need a Humphrey, not a Mick.
I know that one day the dust will settle
And you will make your way out of the nettle.
To shine like the star you rightfully are
You will make leaps, bounds and shoot oh so far.
Looking at the sky i shade my eyes cos your power is so bright
Smiling with the knowledge that you have won your inner fight.

-For the Girl with the Purple Car by Ellyana Yumi B.Sakano
Btw, isn't purple such a cool word? Repeat it to ur self a few times, purple, purple, purple!

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Some Things That've Just Hit Me...

1) Random faces pop into my head before i fall asleep, ppl i've never even met before

2) I realise that this then disturbs the process of me falling asleep as i start wondering if these ppl exist.

3) My mother calls her husband 'stinkard' once in a while, that tickled me.

4) People are really nice...until you get too close.

5) I blame too many things on men.

6) As the human race, we are conditioned to be sexist, women allow our gender to be subordinated.

7) I can come across as a bitter woman.

8) My dad is oriental but he can cook a mean curry, way to go dad!

9) I feel bad for one-hit wonders and Hollywood has beens, plus i still really like Ice-T.

10) Not all kids are innocent and sweet, some are plain evil.

11) Stupid ppl shouldn't have children because, majority of the time, they breed ignorance into the world.

12) Narnia was nowhere as good as i'd expected - lucky i bought the dvd instead.

13) Seeing my dad smile because i've done something simple such as wash the dishes is the best feeling in the world.

14) Chivalry isn't dead, just scarce.

15) I have no money these days thus, my bargain hunting skills have been vastly improved.

16) Prostitutes, police, mat-motos (who then become police when they're older), pretentious arseholes, arrogant arty-farty ppl are all very annoying (hey! Nothing wrong with being plain arty-farty yah, art is boot-i-full).

17) Lunch with the girls is always fun.

18) I will probably never get to see space .

19) I want a villa in Tuscany, Italy.

20) We should all put away one day where we can indulge our romantic affair with life itself. Whatever rocks your boat ya know? Do what you love, put on your favourite clothes, eat, laugh, read or dance your heart out.

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The Colours of Being 20.

Vain that i am, i must say we look delicious. Asha, we're missin you over here! And ur sisters are bullying me, help! Heheh. Posted by Picasa

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My first attempt at the whole layering thingamajig, photoshop's my best buddy when no-one's around...even more fun than the Sims 2. Oh God, why did i just reveal that? Posted by Picasa

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Follow the white rabbit. Posted by Picasa

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Terri's fallin asleep after her shandy ahahahha, God Terri - you and your bloody shandy *muah* Posted by Picasa

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Onaka suita! Japanese food, in my Japanese dad's favourite Japanese restaraunt. How utterly Japanese, bracing myself for the Nip jokes heheh :)
Posted by Picasa

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Fionaaa, Fionaaa...My absolute favourite girl and the name always reminds me of Shrek 2. Posted by Picasa

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Injected more vibrancy, loved the pic before and adore it now. Forever young, we want to be forever young! Posted by Picasa

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The dudettes on a mission to paint the town drunk. Posted by Picasa

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Fizzle With Me

Monday, December 19, 2005

Up and down, I go round and round,
Came here lookin for escape but it is you I have found.
Look at your pretty eyes, your muscles ripped so sexily,
I may be cruel, you don't know, as I reach over so daintily.
Touch you here, look at you there,
To look underneath my face, you wouldn't dare.
Like a proud peacock you will strut,
Know your boundaries or I will go tut tut tut.
Let's explore this and play a lil' game,
In my corner there is no shame.
Had a bad day, I'm never satisfied but what to do?
Being numb is ok, composed then coming undone with you.
Seductive looks and warm oil,
Dance with me and the tempo will boil.
Invoke your senses, do what you want,
Tonight you can be the prey or on the hunt.
As night falls, roll your dice,
Keep your lips warm and your heart cold as ice
-Ellyana Yumi B.Sakano

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Dum dee Dum

Had a great couple of weeks...How replenishing male company can be.
Ooooh but how i hate that life bites you in the ass at the most inconceivable of times.
Yeah lil' kid, it's gonna happen to you too, no matter how cute you are.
How evil of me to say that.

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Pink Ribbon

Monday, December 12, 2005

My soul is in the darkest corners of my eyes
My stare is cold as my mouth forms lies.
You and your naivete, what do you expect from me?
I am not strong, I am not free, open your eyes and see.
Don't come after me, get away from this twisted woman-girl
Armour has taken over beauty, she is sharp glass and no longer a pearl.
My feet are rough, I've walked barefoot to get here
Don't give me no sweet smiles, you won't get anything dear.
No more hopes and dreams, I am not a pushover, I am not a whore
Take your everything that is nothing and make your way to the door.
Images telling me, begging me to accept that life is simple
The scent of sesame, cotton sheets and a smile that is dimpled.
Don't get this unfulfilled spirit wrong
Sometimes I'm sad or angry, otherwise I sing a happy song.
This tune fills many days, but I can also play dumb
You think you have the upper hand? Analyse the sum.
As I act unaware, then cut you with my words
Attack the mare, then feel the wrath of herds.
What do you think I am? Touch me, taste me, then judge me
Can I prove that you are the fool? Oui.
For God's sake be real or I will laugh at your ignorance
In that case I will forget your face and your idiotic testaments.
Don't feign confusion, the lava in my heart is aching
I need real people, the conceit and blindness of your soul is tiring.
You say I feel far too much, I snigger as you claim that I think out of the blue
Who am I to say this to you? I should find other outlets, I should get a clue.
I will sway my hips away from this place
Oh a woman's love and beauty you have laid to waste.
My intent, even though blessed with a cold kiss
Is to reveal the truth about women that is often missed.
We carry life but so many of us feel dead
To honour, love and protect...Is that what you said?
With bruises on her face, in little things she will still find joy
The complexity of her is revealed as she is both bold and coy.
Our sweet honey does not drip profusely, know that every girl has a black hole
Thoughts and emotions run high even as we struggle to fit the mould.
-Ellyana Yumi B.Sakano

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Oh Bloody Hell

I don't get rudeness. I don't bloody understand mood-swings of those outside my family ('cept maybe Farrah's, sometimes lah).

Where is that line where ya stop urself and say "why the hell did i say that to.../snap at... him/her?"

I just don't get it. It always makes me feel like scratching my head, u wanna snap? Go ahead, snap, but then apologise. No snidey comments that undermine me too, thanks, i'd appreciate it.

Sometimes people annoy me, even those that i love, my friends are all awesome blossom - strong girls with strong characters but sometimes we clash like sandpaper and skin. Humans tend to mistake niceness or pleasantries for a weakness - d'you bite the hand that feeds you? No? Well you don't snarl at one who smiles at you either - respect given is linked to character. No matter how sweet one is inside, the respect they offer people at given moments is key to how others will view them. We are, after all, just humans and one will definitely encounter moments of forgetting one's manners but it never hurts to be a gentleman or a lady and admit fault or partial fault after a sticky situation.

There are times when the anger boils up inside of me, i may not say anything (if i'm sober, otherwise i'm a shouter) but the anger is definitely there. People like to give shit to others when they're havin a shitty day or are feeling shitty -I tell you what - don't bring the whole world down with you man! It's rude, does not benefit you, and you'll get 'wtf?' looks. So don't give me any shit for what i do or say - it's all here baby, i can't change the girl that is me. As long as what i've done or said doesn't hurt you, no comments please, 'specially if we're close cos i sure as hell try to support ur ass when you feel silly.

Also, you know when u try and start friendly banter and conversation? Tease someone in a friendly way about somethin to do with them or the friendship shared, well whatever it is, you put them in the spotlight right? You make them the focus of attention and you have good intentions, but man, sometimes, you get a reply so curt and saa-werrrrr (sour lah) that you wonder what died in their mouth.

I'm a pretty straightforward person, especially when it comes to those i care for, if u have a problem dude, then tell me. If it's a problem with somethin i said or did, tell me too, however, do it in a polite way that doesn't make me feel or look like crap.

Uuuurgh, this isn't supposed to offend anybody, including my darlings - just feeling a bit upset and confused, at times i don't get the concept of dismissing mood swings. After the argument/comments people make, someone says something or other about a different topic to alleviate the situation but the tension can ferment. Respect (even in a seemingly shallow way such as conversation) is the greatest gift humans can and should give each other.

Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you ~ Confucius (551-479 BC)

...Then we can all smile like our anjing friend above heheh.

Anjing = Dog


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A Treat For All the Girls! Eye-Candy of Many Sorts.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dean Cain...still (say it like this) naaa-ice. Posted by Picasa

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Russell Wong Posted by Picasa

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Kenji Sakaguchi Posted by Picasa

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Reynaldo Dogianecchini Posted by Picasa

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Rahul Khanna Posted by Picasa

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Thierry Henry Posted by Picasa

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10:37 pm

Jay Hernandez Posted by Picasa

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Ken Watanabe Posted by Picasa

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Jason Momoa Posted by Picasa

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Jakob Dylan Posted by Picasa

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Takeshi Kaneshiro Posted by Picasa

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God Bless the Internet! Friends Revisiting Malaysia After Too Long.

Wide eyed cos of the way the lead singer (of some aussie band that played at the event) was shakin his bootie ooh-la-la! Posted by Picasa

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Lovin' the free drinks. Posted by Picasa

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Posing at La Bodega during dinner and drinks, how i lurrrrrrrrrve Sangria! Posted by Picasa

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According to Alex i haven't changed much in the past few years but look how small his eyes are - must be blind heheheh (oh the vanity!). Alex and his friend Eduard were travelling around Asia in style, met them when Faz and i were 16 so we all had dinner for old times sake. Posted by Picasa

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