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Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm bored and have nothing of merit to write, so I found out bout this 'Googlism' thingie from Farrah's website, you type in your name and they tell you what google thinks of you hahah. Here's an extract of what they say bout me.


yumi is in your car
yumi is maintained and it is shot properly it will serve you well
yumi is a very good artist for her age
yumi is a young girl who's not too good with schoolwork
yumi is announced as the final member of the space knights
yumi is susceptible to extremes of climate and use
yumi is also difficult
yumi is chastised by natasha for not having fixed a communication pack
yumi is able to divert the beam from natasha
yumi is a short girl who looks no more than 15 years old
yumi is the heroine of the loophole saga
yumi is the type that guys like
yumi is truly a chip off the old block
yumi is absolutely huge and defined; best body parts are her calves and upper body; the video cd is better quality than vhs tape (hahahahahahhahahahahha)
yumi is a natural double recurve bow with the arrow nocked one third of the way from the bottom
yumi is the proud owner of a #1 barbie
yumi is well presented
yumi is rash and immature
yumi is having a designer's block right now
yumi is not just a pretty face
yumi is shocked
yumi is the person who has to prove to the others that she is worthy of the job even though she's quite clumsy
yumi is what miyu transforms into with the power of her jewels (hahah that's funny cos Kenji says I turn into bad Miyu when I drive!)
yumi is a human

Blar blar blar, goodnight folks!

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