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Monday, May 15, 2006

Big world, different personalities.

There's that girl you know, she walks with her head high, a ball of confidence. Her inner sensitivity pleasantly surprises u when u think she's left u for dead. You don't know how to describe her - she's loud, sad, beautiful and moody. Her bite is just as bad as her bark...Then she'll hold ur hair and soothe you while you puke your guts out.

There's the diplomatic yet crazy guy you know. He's so funny your sides ache when you laugh with him but can he be oh so snappy. That nice and gentle soul who's eyes show hurt when u claim you hate him, the one who will protect you to the death if he thinks you deserve it, or if he's unfortunately (for him) related to you. He's the one that, to the traditional, makes drastic mistakes. The dude that is once burnt and twice shy, the devil who cares.

There's the woman you know, the softest, nicest entity ever. You worry for her, you wonder how high she can go and if the landing will be hard and cruel. Her happiness is so joyful that you can never bring yourself to burst her bubble - she flits like a butterfly from one place to another, you lose your breath trying to catch up.

There are those crazy ones you know. The ones that enter your life, dry you up of so much, then they leave. They reappear randomly, be it a phone call, a sighting on the street and you find yourself forever wondering if they're sorry, if they know what they're actually capable of. Some find themselves, end up successful and even moral and some never change.

There's that dainty one, the one who would offer you a cup of tea. The one who smiles but never gives anything away. She floats on air, so pretty yet so untouchable, she 'knows' everything about you and you honestly have no hardcore clue about her, she's so lacey but can hurt you like cold steel. She's the one who will make it through life, with the help of others or on her own, the only real thing on display is her fire for her perfect place, and the fact that she would stand up to and easily dismiss men twice her size.

There's the group of young men, still reliving their boyhood. The ones that find strength in numbers...interrogate them one by one and watch them fall apart. The strongest ones, ironically are afraid, resentful of and controlled by the weaker, nastier ones. You avoid them, feel sad as you are around them, you get annoyed and frustrated at the foolishness that is around you. You hope, for their sake, that their process of turning into men will be swift instead of painfully slow.

The poetic girl who lives in her imperfect bubble but makes do. Her cats watch you like little actors playing their part in her directed movie. You can't help but know her pain and you feel warm when she's happy, you can see how hard life is as you relate. The younger one cooks and they crack goofy jokes to make the most of what is offered them, diamonds in the rough is what comes to mind. She's the one who walks this life without letting anything go unnoticed, a little woman, who paradoxically, is afraid of police harassment yet will sneak into a club cos she really wants to go in.

Then there's the one that really feels for people. She's a medic at helping others, beautiful inside out but this life is fulla arseholes. She's amazing, says the most incredible one-liners ever created and makes the most intelligent jokes that stupid people go "wha..?" at. She's the one you can dicuss Salman Rushdie and Garfield with, who will be so harsh cos she cares, she listens, enjoys the company of everyone...well almost.

Well there you go, my incredibly mushy post dedicated to many whom I love. Nothin bout my main baby but lets not get that mushy. ;)

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