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Internet cafe in Chinatown

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow dude, I'm currently posting from a Chinese internet cafe due to my slow-ass internet connection at home. Anyways you won't believe the mixture of music, game-effects and Chinese dialects in this place, I feel all purple-green and pink techno right now...maybe I'll pop an E and shake my head ala Feng Tao style :)

Hehehh, anyways my tonsillitis is getting better, got some numbing strepsils in a blackcurrant flavour - oh yum, I can't feel a thing in my mouth.

Oh and guys check out my mum's Art Gallery for some Asian art. What I love about her art is the passion, tradition and spiceness (is that a word?) I feel her pieces emit.
What's so special about her paintings and mixed media? Well I've watched this woman prepare the most delicious Asian food since I was a child, her hands and food were meant to work together. Other than this, she has an extensive knowledge of various Asian cultures; for example Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian to name a few. She also possesses a special wisdom found very rarely in this world, add to this her vibrancy, her personality is interwined with her pieces.
She has had her first exhibition and some media coverage, for a woman in her first year of delving seriously into her art, I think this a great start.

Above is a glance of her gallery, enjoy.

Ok my hour's almost up, catch you mofos later,
love, Yumi.

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