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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More than a year on since my last post. So much has changed and so much this life has taught me. However, i understand that one can't pride themselves on what knowledge has been acquired as so much more is to be learnt, then again that chance may not come. This is said without sadness, only acceptance because i want to make the most of what time is spent with those i care for, including myself.

Days are good and hard. Nights comforting, sometimes lonely but there's too many things i feel thankful for such as the roof over my head, the love of my family and my crazy (but oh-so disciplined now) brother (yeah Ken, i'll give you that at least) ;).

Not so sure where i'll end up in a few months, KL, elsewhere or even just in myself. I struggled with change for so long but it seems that i'm coming to terms with this aspect of life.
Crazy crazy sometimes i feel and stable like a rock at other times.

Vixie, Fi and myself have grown so close, its great that family doesn't have to mean blood. Learnt that i am allowed to pride myself on being a loyal friend, funny, i always thought i'd think of my own ass first in past friendships. It's nice being more chilled, shouting less and loving ur girls as well as ur own soul.

My mum's art is going on and she's doing well, her health's not too good but i know she copes and still laughs with papa, right mami? Especially cos she has us sayangs to talk to her! Can't wait for u and papa to come down.
My daddy's doing ok too, hope he finds the relaxation and productivity he longs for. Always tried to teach me patience, a great father in the best way he knows how. I know Ken and I both want the best for him so that he can find himself.

Listening to a great song on Sunshine's PC, bloody nice if only i could share the name of it with u guys, some Spanish song that has a part where she says 'poco-poco' so thats what i say to Sunshine everytime i want him to play it - THE 'POCO-POCO' SONG, PLAY IT!!!!' in return for these demands, he's allowed to call me Bozo the clown. Hehehe crazy old dude, sorry Sunny, love ya (and ur still 21 in all the girls eyes)!

Meh. If you guys, Ansgar n Ryan still read this i got a job in the air n water purifier business, the glamour, the fame, the door-to-door sales and "no we don't need ur water purifier" hahahh, honest job lah, vaat to do. Hope that u dudes are doing well too, Ken with his dead bodies, Ansgar and the radio uni life and our dear Americanised Ryan, we must do the tuscany-amsterdam thing though i think u arseholes are gonna bypass tuscany huh? :D Should do some time in KL n Sing too, go to hooters and beach club again.

Anyvays, i am off now, happy days to everybody, take care and bye-dee-bye! Maybe i'll post soon, maybe in a long time, who knows.

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